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1. What is the difference between an Original cartridge and a Remanufactured car-tridge?

The main difference between an Original cartridge and a Remanufactured cartridge is that Remanufactured cartridges are far more eco-friendly. When we remanufacture cartridges we use an empty cartridge re-fill it with high quality toner and upgrade the parts. By doing this we prevent thousands of cartridges a year from going into landfills. By remanufacturing, the quality of the cartridge does not get affected and it will still be compatible with your printer. By remanufacturing we are able to provide you cheap, premium cartridges while remaining eco-friendly.

2. Will remanufactured laser cartridges damage my printer?

Here at Planet Toner we test our products multiple times before selling them to our customers. Testing is a critical phase in our plant and is taken seriously, we have a team of experienced technicians, inspecting the products to ensure that the product is not damaged and can be sold to our customers. Therefore the cartridges will not damage your printer.

3. What do I do if there is a problem with my Cartridge while I am using a Planet Toner Cartridge?

If there is any problem with your cartridge, you should immediately send/bring (no shipping cost) it back to us for an inspection. If the product is a manufacture defect we will send you a brand new cartridge, absolutely free. You can also contact us at (Telephone Number)

4. I am using a Planet Toner cartridge and there is no seal to remove like an OEM product?

It is absolutely fine if your cartridge does not have a seal. This occurrence is intentional in certain products and there is no need to worry. You will be able to use your cartridge without a problem.

5. How do I install the cartridge?

Like any other cartridges, our cartridges are installed the same. Just follow the directions that came with your printer and you will be able print just fine.

6. Why is my Brother printer not working even though I have replaced my car-tridge?

This is a common misunderstanding among many customers. With Brother printers the cartridge and the drum are two separate units. You should check to see if the drum is empty (this should occur every 2-4 cartridge replacements), and if needed replace it. After replacing it, the printer should work just fine.

7. Why are there smudges/lines on my printouts?

If this ever happens, it most likely means that your drum’s life is almost over. When this occurs bring your cartridge back to us and we will replace it for you.

8. Why is there a memory error after I just replaced a new cartridge from Planet Toner?

A memory error occurs, usually when there is a malfunction with the chip. If this ever happens you should send the cartridge back to us and we will replace it for free.

9. How do I replace the drum unit for my printer?

To replace the drum unit, follow the instructions that came in the box. If you experience and trouble contact us at (telephone number).