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  • GO GREEN with eco-friendly cartridges

    GO GREEN with eco-friendly cartridges
    Do you spend more for your ink cartridges? And it seems that you simply undergo them even as swift as a loaf of bread?

    Answer to your problem is eco-friendly cartridges.

    Environmentally-friendly printing combines feasibility with the printing of paper merchandise. It involves practices that prove less harmful to the surroundings than conventional printing practices.

    We square measure all the advantages by using less plastic and glass bottles, metal cans, and paper product. Another good way to minimize pollution, defend natural resources is “eco-friendly” cartridges which are remanufactured.

    Why select eco-friendly Products? Eco-friendly cartridges and toner offer many advantages to savvy, eco-friendly customers.

    You'll get economize. Eco-friendly cartridges and toner will prevent a major quantity of cash annually. An eco-friendly or toner cartridge can cost up to 60% less than a new, store-bought cartridge.

    You'll facilitate the atmosphere. You’ll remodel your printing from environmentally unsound to environmentally friendly by remanufactured cartridges. Each year, variant folks toss their empty ink and toner cartridges into the trash. The cartridge ultimately goes to lowland, polluting our Earth. Simply imagine if everyone recycled his or her printer cartridges. Future landfills may become nature preserves, schools, or recreational parks.

    You'll conserve Resources. Developing eco-friendly cartridges recycles resources like plastic, aluminum, steel, and rubber. Eco Friendly merchandise conserves natural resources and takes a lot of less energy.

    Though saving cash and being Eco-friendly are clearly prime priorities, customers ought to be selective once considering their ink provider. There are many on-line suppliers who provide inexpensive, quality ink and toner.

    Be sure that the company you decide on is esteemed and that every eco friendly cartridge goes through adequate testing and compatibility checks.


    This is the official blog of the Planet Toner is an environmentally-conscious online store that has been providing environmentally responsible printing solutions such as eco-friendly toner cartridges. Planet Toner has been supplying consumers all over Canada with eco-friendly cartridges for over a decade.

    All our cartridges are remanufactured skillfully by technicians in Canada, and go through numerous stages of testing before they are sold to our customers. We offer a wide selection of affordable but quality remanufactured laser toner cartridges. Eco-friendly cartridges and toner offer many advantages to savvy, eco-friendly customers.

    Products which are manufactured at Planet Toner are environmentally-friendly. Don’t have wrong notion about term “remanufactured”. We make sure that we deliver only high quality products have been tested and manufactured using standards.

    Our area of expertise is manufacturing eco-friendly cartridges. By remanufacturing cartridges, we prevent thousands of cartridges from going to landfills all over Canada. We at Planet Toner, aspire to supply consumers all over Canada with premium quality cartridges at a low price while protecting the planet. Our main focus point of this blog is providing general information about the remanufactured cartridges, printing tips and why you should use remanufactured cartridges.

    You can ask any questions in the form of comments and inquiries and we’ll try to answer these as best as we can. Let us know which product you want us to get discussed and we’ll see if we can spotlight that on one of our blog posts.

    We post about our products and industry news. You can follow our blog post and remain updated of all matters regarding printing and eco-friendly cartridges.

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